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Scholarship Recipients

2010 - 2011 Carina Carballo
Our first scholarship went to a young woman who sought out Santa Margarita Catholic High School for the educational and athletic opportunities all the way from Mexico City. A star in the classroom and on her water polo team, her sacrifice and drive was rewarded by the CJHF allowing her to complete her studies at SMCHS. Every teacher and coach praised her determination and talent. She has since continued to excel as a student athlete in the college arena.

2011-2012 Jacob Fuster
The second scholarship went to young man who was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disease at the age of 13. These unforeseen medical expenses would have forced Jacob to leave his beloved school.  However, a scholarship from The CJ Hubbard Foundation made it possible for Jacob to stay at SMCHS where he continues to excel in the classroom and on the basketball court. Teachers and coaches alike praise his positive attitude and determination. It is our honor to call such a remarkable young person a “CJHF scholar”. Currently, in his junior year we continue to raise money for his senior year at SMCHS.

2012 - 2013 - Michelle Choi
Michelle is a freshman at UCLA majoring in English and hopes to one day be an editor. Michelle’s early years were jaded by a father who abandoned the family when Michelle was only 6 years old. After he left, Michelle’s family struggled with homelessness and her mother quickly remarried a man who showed his true colors later on. He became violent and Michelle refers to her adolescence as a dark time in her life. She eventually reported her step father to a police officer at school and she and her sister were taken to the Orangewood Children and Families Center. Her time in foster care changed the way she sees the world. She said “it intensified my determination to become a person who can take action for those in need.” Michelle is grateful for the opportunity college is allowing her to prepare for her future and accomplish all her ambitious goals!